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  Wood  Guangzhou  2015,  the  leading  wood  and  wood  products  trade  show  in  China, will be held in China Import & Export Fair Complex during May 9-11, 2015, which is a good platform for foreign wood and wood producds exporters to tap into China's market.
  The consumption of wood in China increased year by year and even has already exceeded the rate of GDP growth. This is because, for one thing, as one of the world's largest producers of wood furniture and wood floor, China has a huge demand for wood; for another, in recent years, with the gradual popularization of wood housing in China, the applications of wood to wood structure, other buildings and decorations are becoming wider and wider.
 However, as is well known, China is also one of the countries which have the least per capita consumption of forest area in the world. Additionally, the frequent disasters such as droughts, floods, pests, fires and snow disasters make the new plantations and nursery stock badly damaged and lots of forest area even disappearing in these disasters. What's worse, government's prohibition of felling trees in some key forestry, which aims to preserve forest, makes the wood shortage more serious. The wood resource is far from meeting the social needs.
  Estimated by State Bureau of Forestry, wood supply deficit will increase over 50% by 2015. By 2020, the total wood consumption will increase to 4.57-4.77 hundred million cubic meters, wood supply will maintain at the level of 1-1.5 hundred million cubic meters short for a long time. So the wood import volume will increase year by year.
  Aiming at this situation, Guangzhou International Wood & Wood Products Trade Show (Wood Guangzhou 2015) will be held in the largest exhibition hall in Asia--China Import & Export Fair  Complex every May. Wood     Guangzhou 2015 will be an influential platform for wood and wood products trading. We will invite the wood dealers, furniture manufactures, wood window and door manufactures decoration and designing companies, other professional buyers and media colleagues gathering here to exchange opinions and experience which will be great helpful for you to find your global partners!
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